Renumeration & Benefits




The BAVC (employer’s federation for the chemical industry) collective agreement applies for all employees covered by collective agreements at STADA and employees with similar agreements also benefit from almost all of these services. The social security of our employees is an important element of our corporate culture, which is why we offer a range of optional additional benefits alongside basic salary.

Payment or subsidizing of commute
All employees, who use public transport to travel to and from work, are reimbursed for their gross travel costs upon presentation of their travel tickets. Car pools are also subsidized by STADA.

Group accident insurance
All STADA employees are covered by Group accident insurance. This insurance covers both occupational and private accidents. As prevention really is better than cure, our occupational safety department also ensure that all legal and trade association safety standards are always complied with.

Supplementary occupational disability insurance “Chemie” (BUC)
Occupational disability insurance is important insurance in the case of disability. The BUC was specially developed for the chemical industry and offers all employees covered by collective bargaining agreements as well as employees with similar agreements the best conditions without a health check at the same rate irrespective of age and health.

Employer-funded company pension (STADA AZV)
We have been offering all employees additional pension insurance to provide more security later in life for some time now. After three years with the company, our employees receive approval for a company pension in the form of direct insurance, which is arranged by the company. After five years with the company, employees have a vested claim.

Additional pension through ChemiePensionsfonds
We also promote the salary components into ChemiePensionsfonds contributions. As an employee of STADA, you can elect to invest a portion of your gross salary into equity funds and secure bonds. This also allows you to save the income tax payable on this income as well as the social insurance contributions, which can be additionally invested.


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