Health Responsibility




Many of our employees commit a lot of their time to their work for STADA. With their extensive expertise, experience and great motivation they represent a key success factor for our Group. To ensure that we continue to meet out targets with the help of the skills, commitment and loyalty of our employees in the future, we are particularly committed to a healthy work-life balance.

STADA takes care of a valuable commodity: health. It is expressed through the “ALL THE BEST” wish. This is something we also wish our employees; we support them in remaining and becoming fit and healthy. With the comprehensive offer of health and sports services, we focus on the improvement of the health of our staff and the development of their health awareness. We also pursue the aim of countering demographic changes and burdens in everyday working life at an early stage, taking preventative give action against muscle and bone issues of employees and increasing staff fitness and wellbeing in everyday life.

We have brought together numerous offers for health promotion as part of corporate health management.

Health Service

Optimum medical care and comprehensive preventative health care are a given for STADA as a company in the pharmaceutical industry. Free of charge care from an occupational medical service is therefore available to our employees. Regular consultation hours and medical checks are offered, together with the annual flu vaccination.

Preventative Health Care Center

STADA has an in-house preventative health care center at its headquarters in Bad Vilbel, which encourages increased movement with its diverse offers. Under the management of a specialist team, you can use the fitness equipment to develop your muscle strength. You can also take advantage of massages and yoga classes, which are subsidized by STADA.

Health Day

In addition to the existing health care offers, two health days are held in Bad Vilbel every year. These days aim to make our employees aware of their own health. A combination of information, diagnostics and personal consultations from a range of participants from occupational medicine, health insurance organizations and health advisors help to clarify diverse health topics.


STADAktiv is a series of events in which our employees can take part in a diverse range of sport and leisure events. The STADA winter adventure launches the active year, followed by activities such as active camps with top triathletes, football and billiards events and finally an annual felling of Christmas trees in Taunus. Team spirit and exercise are at the heart of the events.

Sports Groups

We all need exercise. Regular sports team successes show that our employees take this seriously and do not just deliver top performances in their work. Running groups, cyclists, triathletes and our football team are always grateful for new members.

Company canteens

You are what you eat. Good nutrition is particularly important in everyday working life to make sure that we stay physically and mentally fit. It is particularly important to us that our employees have sufficient, healthy and good value meals available to them during the working day. The healthy and regional dishes in the company’s canteens are therefore subsidized.


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