Digital at STADA - Three forward-looking examples

The positive cultural change that took place at STADA last year is closely linked to developments in the context of increasing digitalization. STADA is regularly challenged by new customer requirements and demographic developments. In addition, technological innovations and changed working environments offer countless new opportunities. As a company, STADA needs an open and flexible perspective on the tasks ahead.

The available knowledge is already expanding astonishingly quickly and new information can be called up within a very short time. This trend will intensify in the coming years. In order to secure a successful future, it is particularly important that the STADA employees exchange their knowledge and experience within the Group and learn from each other.

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Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence is the continuous and dynamic optimization of all processes and systems as a means of increasing efficiency in the company. We spoke with Jessica Schönborn, a member of the core international Operational Excellence team at STADA, about her work optimizing the efficiency of the STADA Group, conducting international webinars and the changes in the corporate culture.




Digitalization of pharmacies

Apotheken Fachkreis is a digital initiative of STADA subsidiary ALIUD PHARMA® GmbH. Digital Marketing Manager Steffen Nold leads this project. We talked to him about this pioneering project to help pharmacists with digitalization.



HealthChecker digital campaign

The #HealthChecker campaign, which was part of STADA's "Alles Gute" initiative, was extremely successful. We discussed the campaign with Stefanie Dölz, who works in the Corporate Communications department of STADA Arzneimittel AG and is responsible, among other things, for strategic online communication, social media channels and the STADA website.