Contributions to the purchase of STADA shares
Employee participation is an important part of personnel policy in the STADA Group. Financial contributions are made for the purchase of STADA shares in Germany in order to allow our employees to participate to an even greater extent in the success of our company.

Employee dialog
The institutionalized employee dialog involves direct communication between our employees and our management board as well as amongst our employees. This includes an e-mail address, to which employees can send their ideas for improvements in the company, questions and comments directly to the Executive Board.

Idea management
In order to increase the competitiveness of STADA, we consider the creativity and imagination of our workforce to be extremely important. We therefore rely on active and systematic involvement in the form of an idea management system. The idea potential of our employees, who know their area of activity best, allows the profitability, quality and environmental awareness as well as occupational and operational safety in the company to be constantly increased in order to more precisely fulfill our customers’ needs.

Works Council and management
Our Works Council is an important partner, who is involved not only in accordance with the Works Constitution Act, but also in decision making. The cooperation between the Words Council and management naturally faces constant challenges in economically challenging times. The parties always represent their own interests, but always work fairly and constructively together.

Disability representation
STADA employees with disabilities have elected a representative, the STADA disability representative, who advises and supports them. Our management sees this representative not just as a legal requirement, but as a partner.


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