Apprenticeship & Internship



Apprenticeship at STADA

The aim of all of STADA’s training activities is to offer apprenticeships at the highest level in diverse skilled professions in order to cover our own needs in qualified young talents.

Alongside academic content, we also offer valuable practical skills as part of the apprenticeship. You will get to know different areas of the company and gain a first insight into daily working life. STADA also offers so-called “in-house lessons” for commercial apprenticeships, which both reinforce the content taught at vocational school and offer targeted preparation for interim and final examinations.


As an alternative to a classic apprenticeship or purely theoretical studies, we offer a three-year dual study program in business administration, which combines theory and practice.

STADA has long placed great importance on the training of its own talents. We therefore offer apprenticeships in the following professions:

  •  Industriekauffrau / Industriekaufmann
  •  Kauffrau / Kaufmann für Büromanagement
  •  Pharmakantin / Pharmakant
  •  Bachelor of Arts - Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Fachrichtung Industrie



When you join the company as a new apprentice, you will be quickly and effectively integrated into the company through mentorships from second or third-year apprentices, intensive support from apprentice coordinators in specialist areas and management from apprentice supervisors. After successful completion of an apprenticeship or dual study program, there is a very good chance of being offered full time employment and being involved in shaping the future of our company.

As a globally active Group and training company, teaching our young professionals about the topic of internationality is extremely important to us. We give our apprentices the opportunity to complete an internship abroad as part of the ERASMUS+ program. This allows our apprentices the chance to gain professional experience in a different country and a different industry, in order to improve not only their intercultural competencies and language skills, but also to expand their own professional skills outside of STADA in Germany.

Internships at STADA

We offer students the chance to complete an internship with us to gain initial practical professional experience. The length of each internship is dependent on the area of the company and the purpose of the internship.

Are you a school leaver or student and would like to complete an internship? We offer internship positions that you can start after school or during semester vacations. We look forward to your speculative application.

Pharmaceutical internship

Are you a pharmaceutical student looking for an internship? We have the solution. STADA Arzneimittel AG as a pharmaceutical company with the core segments Generics and Branded Products offers you the opportunity to complete a six-month internship with us, which you must complete in the chemical industry as part of your pharmaceutical studies. You can work in pharmaceutical development or production with us to gain initial knowledge and skills in professional practice.


Legal internship

As a new attorney, at STADA you have the chance to complete a legal internship in our legal department as an intern or working student to gain professional experience in the industry. We would like to offer you an insight into the work of a corporate counsel in a publicly-listed parent company of an international Group.


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